About BlackYak Pro

About The Brand

In 1970, BLACKYAK founder Tae Sun Kang found himself caught in a dense blizzard on the way to Camp 1 of Mount Everest. Disoriented, freezing, and with no navigational aid, he saw a yak on the horizon, and instinct propelled him to follow it through the whiteout storm. Miraculously, the animal led him to the safety of base camp, saving his life. Inspired by this experience, Kang returned to Korea determined to build the best possible mountaineering apparel. Kang named his company BLACKYAK in honor of the Yak that had saved his life –noble, resourceful and robust.

Since its inception, BLACKYAK’s mission has been to assist athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike in achieving their goals. A family owned business, the Kangs works in collaboration with the BLACKYAK product teams to continually emphasize research and development – creating unique, award winning, products that prioritize technical performance and beauty. Utilizing a variety of materials, including GORE-TEX® STRETCH, INFINIUM™ and CORDURA® fibers, each garment is “Made for Missions”.

Since 1973, BLACKYAK has grown into one of the most successful brands in Asia, and the global collection, developed in 2016, has only recently been introduced to the North American market. Maintaining the core brand ethos, this premium line has been developed in collaboration with a European design team to capture the fit and aesthetic of the West. BLACKYAK’s Global Collection is now available at carefully selected retailers throughout Canada and the US.

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